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Technological solutions for electronic freight.

Quality shipping on every load

The shipping of electronics and electronics logistics demand a smooth and easy experience so that freight arrives on time just when it is needed. Above all, electronics logistics calls for a high level of quality so that you know your product is being handled with care. This kind of quality demands more than phenomenal shipping, you must have excellent customer service so that no question goes unanswered and the shipper is aware of their freight shipping.

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We know Electronic Shipping

Why we are the best fit for you and your organization.

At Becker Logistics you get a variety of options to ensure you are kept up to date on your shipments.  We are able to offer this through both customer services and technology. We know that every delivery is important so we treat it accordingly which is why our account managers work around to clock updating you on any changes. Additionally, Becker Logistics offers the following benefits:

  • Track and Trace technology
  • A logistics company with over 25 years of experience
  • Freight quotes that meet your budget

Benefits of Shipping with Becker


At Becker Logistics, we focus on providing quality service. We know the importance and value of your freight and treat it right.

Live Tracking

We let you know where our carrier is at all times so that you are never left in the dark and wondering when the truck will show up.


We easily adapt to out customers needs, we are able to provide a quality shipping service for you all year round.

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