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Automotive transportation covers shipping auto parts and the logistics of the components used to build and maintain the assembly lines that construct the cars. Because of the inclusion of the assembly line parts, the automotive industry is very reliant on expedited shipping, any time that the line is down, there is a huge impact on the companies bottom line. Additionally, the automotive industry ships between the US and Mexico frequently so, it is important to partner with someone that can handle the complexities that come with that.

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We know Automotive Shipping

How Becker Logistics can bring your supply chain to the next level.

Becker Logistics handles shipping automotive parts frequently, we are able to get your parts to where they need to be and on time. We have a large network of carriers that allow us to ensure high-quality shipping no matter how fast it is needed. We are also able to work with shipping and warehousing between the US and Mexico. Becker Logistics helps you and your shipping department with:

  • Multiple options for expedited shipping
  • Freight shipping that fits your budget
  • Over 25 years of logistics experience

Benefits of Shipping with Becker

Live Tracking

We let you know where our carrier is at all times so that you are never left in the dark and wondering where your freight is.


We are partnered with an array of expedited carriers who are always ready to get your freight delivered ASAP.


We easily adapt to our customers needs, we are able to provide a quality shipping service for you all year round.

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