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What is Refrigerated Shipping?

Refrigerated shipping, or reefer shipping, is shipping done through a refrigerated or temperature-controlled trailer, otherwise known as a reefer unit. Reefer shipping is used for food and other perishables shipping since the trailers can keep the product in its pre-shipped state. Without reefer shipping we would not be able to have access to many of the products that we enjoy every day.

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Benefits of Using a Refrigerated Trailer

Keeps it Cool

When you have freight that needs to remain at a certain temperature there are really no other options but reefer. A reefer van will keep your product safe and unspoiled.

Competitive Pricing

Reefer freight shipping is a big industry, so there are a lot of trucks out there looking to ship your product. This means that a fair price can typically be reached.

Quality Shipping

Reefer trailers, and all trailers shipping food, require pristine condition in order to be used. When you ship with Becker you will be getting the trailers that are ready to go.

Price Affecting Factors of Refrigerated Shipping

There are several key factors that come into play when generating a reefer freight quote and it is always good to have these in mind when planning out your shipping so that you can move your freight at the best price possible.

  • Seasonality – Seasonality plays a big role in reefer shipping. Once produce is harvested it is important that it be delivered quickly and at a proper temperature to reduce food waste. This is all part of the ‘farm to fork’ initiative that Becker Logistics strives for.
  • Temperature – The temperature needed in the trailer is one of the driving factors in reefer shipping since it takes more energy to keep the trailer at 0 degrees vs 40 degrees.

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Information Needed for a Refrigerated Freight Quote

The unique factor in refrigerated shipping is the temperature required in the van, so it is important to note what you need the temperate to stay at. The more extreme the temperature needed the more it is going to cost to have the product shipped. Along with temperature, it is also good to know the basic things such as the total weight of the shipment and the distance that the cargo is being shipped.

Specialty Refrigerated Freight Services

LTL Reefer – Just like with dry van, LTL can be shipped inside a reefer unit. These cases are not too uncommon so it is not difficult to find a carrier that can fulfill the request.

Drayage Reefer – Drayage reefer containers do exist but are quite rare which can make them pricey, but they are something that is available and something that Becker Logistics offers.

Tips for Shipping Refrigerated Freight

When using refrigerated shipping you want to make sure that you have planned out accordingly, ensure that all perishable items are separated out and packaged accordingly. Additionally, you want to ensure that your docks and warehouses are ready for when the shipments arrive so that they can be unloaded quickly and maintain the temperature required. Lastly, always check and monitor the shipment if you are unsure, drivers are able to see the temperature of the trailer at all times so the information can be relayed to you at any time.

Refrigerated Shipping FAQs

Yes. LTL shipping in a reefer trailer is a common mode of transportation and it wouldn’t be too hard to find someone able to do that kind of shipping. If you would like to find out more about LTL reefer fright you can click here to reach out to a Becker Logistics associate.

Yes. Reefers aren’t just for ice cream. Reefer trailers are used a lot in the winter season in order to keep freight from freezing while in transport.

While reefer is typically used for food, there are other items that are shipped that require temperature control. Some examples are pharmaceuticals, plants and flowers, and personal care products.

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