Drop Trailer Shipping

Unload your freight when you want.

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Drop Trailer Shipping

Drop Trailer shipping is when an entire trailer is dropped off at the shipper or receiver facility which can then be unloaded later. With a drop trailer program, the carrier typically owns the trailer but not always. The trailers are sometimes owned by the shipper or a third party. There is a lot of collaboration required in this mode to ensure a smooth and pleasant experience for everyone.

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Benefits Of a Drop Trailer Program

Avoid Dock Congestion

This is one of the main benefits of drop trailers. If you have a busy dock it is good to use drop trailers to reduce congestion which will lead to a smoother supply chain.

Avoid Detention Fees

It’s always good to reduce the number of fees added to a shipment. With drop trailer shipping the driver is not going to have to wait around to pull into the dock and have the trailer unloaded.

Better Flexibility for Everyone

By using this service you have more options with your timing and workload. As a result, you have the freedom to decide what needs to be done now.

Factors Affecting Drop Rates

When building a drop trailer quote there are, of course, the standard impacts such as weight and distance traveled. However, there are unique factors that only come into play with drop trailer services, below are some of these unique factors:

  • Amount of turns – There needs to be at least 2-3 turns per week in order for a drop trailer program to be profitable for whoever owns the trailer. A turn is
  • How long the trailer needs to be dropped – While it is a benefit that a drop trailer can be used as a warehouse you don’t want to let your product sit in the trailer for too long. Doing this will result in fewer possible turns. Additionally, if the trailer is owned by the carrier there will be a limit that the trailer can be left somewhere before fees start to accumulate.

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Information Needed for a Drop Trailer Quote

To build an accurate quote for a drop trailer shipment there are a couple of things that are needed. There are, of course, the usual factors that come into play such as distance, lanes, and weight but there is also some unique info to relay for drop trailers. The main thing to communicate when requesting a quote is any drop-off/ pick up instructions so that the driver knows exactly what to do, this will make the shipping process easier for everyone. Additionally, it should be communicated if the trailer will have to be held onto for more than a day. This allows the carrier to plan accordingly.

Specialty Drop Trailer Services

Reefer drop trailer – While it is rare, there are cases where drivers will drop off a reefer trailer. In these cases, the shipper really must have a good schedule in place so it does not get forgotten since it could lead to the entire shipment going to waste.
Flatbed drop trailer – Flatbed trailers can be dropped off and work well in cases of delivering large machinery that will take some time to unload properly.

Tips When using Drop Trailer

When deciding if you should use drop trailer shipping you want to look at dock congestion and how much you are currently paying in detention. If detention is something that is happening frequently then it may be worth looking into a drop trailer service.

Drop Trailer FAQs

You should not be treating the trailers like warehouses since they make drop trailer carriers money by being used. So, it is important to still stick to a schedule while using drop trailer.

This is an amount that can be negotiated and is important to know to avoid unwanted fees. Overall, it is not advised that you hold on to trailers for too long. Doing so will lead to a poor relationship with the carrier and may result in additional fees.

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