3 Ways a Flatbed 3PL can Improve any Supply Chain

In today’s complex and competitive world of business, there is an even more complex and competitive world of logistics and shipping. This world is split into many areas that cover warehousing, reverse logistics, and the different modes of transportation. One such mode is flatbed shipping. Many businesses rely on flatbed shipping to move their products. Partnering with a 3PL provider for this service can bring several benefits to their supply chain operations. Improved compliance, access to expertise, and enhanced efficiency are among the most significant advantages a 3PL can provide.

In this blog post, we will explore how partnering with a flatbed 3PL can improve any supply chain. We will look at how they can be implemented to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of supply chain operations.

Improved Compliance

Compliance is an essential component of any logistics operation. Partnering with a 3PL provider for flatbed shipping can help ensure that all shipments follow local, state, and federal regulations. 3PLs stay up to date with regulatory changes and have the knowledge and expertise to navigate the complex regulatory landscape.

3PLs provide improved compliance through proper documentation and record-keeping. They can help customers prepare and manage all required documentation, including bills of lading, shipping manifests, and customs declarations. This ensures that all required information is available for customs officials and other regulatory agencies, which can help prevent delays or fines.

Additionally, 3PLs can ensure compliance is by ensuring that all carriers in their network meet regulatory requirements. This can include verifying carrier insurance and licensing, as well as ensuring that carriers are following all applicable safety regulations. By working with reputable carriers, 3PLs can help ensure that shipments are handled safely and in compliance with regulations.

Access to Expertise

Another great benefit is access to expertise in logistics and transportation management. Most 3PLs have dedicated teams with specialized knowledge and experience in handling flatbed shipments, including load planning, dispatching, and tracking.

3PLs also have access to a wide network of carriers, which can help customers optimize their shipping strategies and reduce costs. 3PLs help customers make informed decisions about routing and timing. This can result in more efficient transportation, better use of resources, and ultimately, cost savings.

All this tracking, planning, and timing impacts flatbed shipping greatly. Flatbed is a specialized mode, it’s not as simple as forklifting some pallets into a trailer, you must worry about tarps, straps, and what kind of flatbed trailer is needed. Additionally, the loading and unloading process can become very tricky when something is being handled at a worksite or farm.


Enhanced Efficiency

The third benefit a shipper can expect from partnering with a flatbed 3PL is enhanced efficiency in their supply chain operations. 3PLs have the resources and expertise to streamline the shipping process, allowing customers to focus on their core business activities.

One way 3PLs enhance efficiency is through load planning and optimization. They can help customers determine the optimal route and mode of transportation for their shipments, as well as identify the most efficient loading and unloading processes. This can reduce the time and resources needed to manage shipments, resulting in improved efficiency and cost savings.

Another way 3PLs enhance efficiency is through technology solutions. 3PLs have invested in transportation management systems (TMS) that enable customers to manage their logistics operations more efficiently. These systems can help with everything from load planning and carrier selection to shipment tracking and reporting, providing customers with greater visibility into their supply chain operations.

Finally, 3PLs can help customers save time and resources by managing administrative tasks such as billing and invoicing. By handling these tasks on behalf of customers, 3PLs can help streamline the shipping process and improve overall efficiency.


There are many benefits to partnering with a 3PL for your shipping needs, especially, if you are shipping flatbed. As discussed in the blog there the shipper can expect improved compliance, access to expertise, and enhanced efficiency. However, there are additional benefits such as cost savings, increased flexibility, and more.

Taking the time to find a Flatbed 3PL is essential to improving your business and supply chain operations. If you are currently looking for a company to partner with check out Becker Logistics, you can reach out or request a quote and see how we can take your supply chain to the next level.

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