Ways to Maintain Good Customer Service in Logistics 

Customer service is a vital part of logistics, but it comes with its challenges. Customers may not see or be a part of every step of a supply chain, but they are greatly impacted by poor service. Customers can be 3PL partners, their clients or the actual customer waiting for their products to be delivered to their front doorstep. Each customer has their own set of expectations and what they believe is most important to them. We live in a world today where customers require and deserve attentive service as the competitive marketplace increases pressure. In the customer’s perspective, they are looking for a partner than can understand complex needs or solve their problems. 

Facilitate Productivity 

Your goal as a company is to find ways to implement seamless picking and packing practices. The techniques worked on for higher productivity mean that orders are moving through faster. This would mean staying on schedule and meeting deadlines for customer satisfaction. It’s all about the efficiency of the workplace and usage of available resources. Third-party logistics companies can come as expert guides in facilitating productive supply chain movement. They can provide the knowledge of enhancing network activity to match demand. 

Another way to maintain good customer service through productivity facilitation is minimizing the touching and handling of products by too many people or departments. Fewer contact means less cost associated with the transport of goods. Avoid going through so many hoops and condense the procedures to have more output.

Communicate with Customers

You often hear communication is key, but with customer service it is necessary to have quick and constant communication. Logistics means having speed in every pocket of operations. Whether it is a query, a question or an update request from a current customer, each situation deserves prompt attention. Unfortunately, people have limited patience and they want answers in a timely fashion. You can set up support hotlines, but some would argue that those are outdated. Technology can help you set up online systems to make it easier for customers to contact you and for you to respond with reassuring information. This can include chatbots or live chat support session.

customer service representative on the phone

Transparent Customer Service 

A great way to provide excellent customer service is with increased visibility into information. Gaining the trust of a customer can be more possible when there is transparency in your processes and the functionality of those processes. Although this openness can leave you feeling or looking vulnerable, it builds trust and assurance for your customers. The perspective should not be that you are closed off and don’t want to share operational information when necessary.  

Customer Service Training and Development 

Finally, as a company you need to look inward at your employees and how they are doing in the customer service realm. There are always new tactics out there for customer support personnel to take advantage of. Learning interesting trends is a part of not only your personal growth but it’s growth for your company and image. You should look into providing training sessions that keep team members up to date and up to par with the service objectives. Check-ins on an ongoing basis can help with consistency and make sure everyone is on the same page to review the processes and progress.  

At Becker Logistics, customer service is our focus. We aim to provide the best service possible to our partners and make shipping a simple process for them. If you want to see if Becker Logistics is the right fit for you then feel free to reach out or request a quote and get started today!  

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