Steps to Take to Get a Reliable LTL Service

Having trust in an LTL service means to complete your due diligence. LTL shipping is a mode of transportation for less-than normal freight movement. You can combine your cargo with that of others to fill up the capacity of a full truck. Many times, you could be looking at needing a truck for your goods, but it seems unreasonable to hire that truck since you do not have enough products. The coordination of such tasks requires high levels of cooperation, understanding and mutual reliability. Thankfully, there are step you can take to achieve a reliable LTL service as a part of the logistics industry today.

Ensure Service Cost Effectiveness

The first big step you can take for a reliable LTL service is by ensuring competitive pricing. You need to find ways to always keep rates low. LTL shipping does not charge you based off the weight of your shipment, instead you will be charged for the space you will use up. This could be a great thing for you if you have items that don’t fill an entire truck. Carriers are then able to sell the other open space to other customers.

Truck on the highway performing a reliable LTL Service

Moreover, you can lower rates by negotiating to the best of your ability. A better understanding of how an LTL service can assist you in proving your points while negotiating for preferable rates. You want to negotiate the overall cost rather than just the base rate. However, the best way to talk about rate adjustments is when you have built strong relationships over time. Those strategic and long-term relationships with carriers and customers can make a huge difference. Long-term contracts can be made where the rates can be held at the same cost throughout any changes that occur. You don’t get those perks usually as short-term clients that are hopping around from one partner to another

Use A Reliable 3PL For Your LTL Service

In addition, experience says a lot about the reliability of a service.  A 3PL has the expertise that is required to handle a smooth and efficient LTL service. When there is a need to streamline processes, figure through issues, and determine inconsistencies in the supply chain, a 3PL knows the best practices possible. Partnering up with a 3PL means that you also are aware of industry changes. Their team will consist of experienced and knowledgeable members to guarantee successful services.

Although not always the simplest process, LTL services can save you money, time, and a headache when going through a 3PL. A 3PL helps collaborate with an LTL carrier and your business managers to transport the shipments as intended. The right 3PL will customize your needs, find you the best rates and be available throughout the process of each shipment. You can trust that there will be accessible communication between customer services representatives and 3PL team members to navigate any logistical problems.   A modern 3PL will have access to technology where you can track your shipment easily. This type of tracking can provide you with time-framed updates on where your LTL freight is and when it can be delivered. This avoids having to make excessive phone calls to anyone along the way. There will be proper communication that can ensure clear visibility.  

At Becker Logistics, we aim to make this entire process easy. We have over 25 years of experience and have the people and processes in place to make sure you are getting the best service possible. We offer an array of services and can find a LTL freight quote that works for you. You can reach out to an associate by contacting us or request a quote to get started now.

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