How to Find the Best Refrigerated Logistics Company

It is vital for companies that consistently ship refrigerated products to find and partner with an excellent refrigerated logistics company. A company that can handle more than just the shipping but one that can offer improvements to their operations.

Shippers that deal with refrigerated products require high-quality service. The difference between 2 degrees can result in the loss of, literally, tons of product. This leads to the question of how? How can a shipper find a partner that can handle all their refrigerated logistics needs? In this post, we will look at 4 important factors to consider before partnering with a broker or carrier company.

So, what leads to the best-refrigerated shipping service?

  1. Communicative and Responsive
  2. Experience with Other Customers
  3. Technology and Tracking
  4. Reliable in all cases

Communicative and Responsive

Communication and responsiveness are important in all business and partnerships. It is, however, especially important in the shipping of refrigerated goods. It is up to the shipping company to communicate any updates to the shipper, let them know the status of their freight. Also, they need to be ready to answer any question that the shipper may have for them.

Experience with Other Customers

Past performance is always one of the greatest measures for future potential. When searching for a refrigerated logistics company a shipper should look for those that have been in the industry for some time, have worked with other customers similar to them, and have an understanding of their industry.

It is important to partner with a company with all three of these. Shipping is very diverse, there is a huge difference between shipping steel bars and ice cream bars.

Technology and Tracking

Technology and tracking allow a shipping company to have constant sight of the shipper’s freight. Then, paired with communication, allows the shipper to keep their freight in sight. This allows the shipper to know the exact temperature and location so they can ensure that the consignee is ready to accept the shipment exactly as it arrives.


Reliable in all cases

Reliability can be hard to quantify and identify. When looking at refrigerated logistics companies, shippers should be looking at the on-time percentages, integrity, and flexibility.

For on-time percentages, simply ask about their past KPI’s ask for the specific percentages across different lanes or products. Additionally, customer testimonials and references can shine some light on this area. The best way to measure their on-time percentage is to have them move some loads, however, this can come with some risk.

Measuring integrity will work much in the same way. Looking into some of their past customers and keeping note of all the promises they make and seeing if they were followed up on. Shipping and logistics are built on trust so it is important to find a partner that has integrity.

Last, is flexibility. Flexibility is the company’s ability to quickly meet the shipper’s needs as they come up. The supply chain never stops and anything can happen so make sure you are with a company that is able to adapt.

How Becker Logistics Handles Refrigerated Logistics

Becker Logistics has each of the four factors mentioned above. We keep the lines of communication open around the clock and make sure our customers know where their freight is. Also, we have top-of-the-line technology that allows us to improve the supply chain for each shipper we are partnered with. We additionally have experience in shipping in just about every industry. Chances are if it can be shipped we have shipped it at some point. And lastly, we pride ourselves on our reliability and integrity. If you want to reach out and learn more about Becker logistics you can do so by contacting us. Additionally, if you want to start shipping today then you can request a quote here.

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