How Refrigerated Freight Shipping Benefits from a 3PL

Refrigerated freight shipping, also known as reefer shipping, allows temperature-controlled products to be transported effectively. Refrigerated trailers carry freight at low or freezing temperatures. These containers are outfitted with refrigeration systems capable of maintaining specified temperatures. Here are some of the many benefits that come with refrigerated freight shipping using a 3PL:

  • Reduces Wastes
  • Improves Product Quality
  • Protects Against Insects
  • Prevents Rotting
  • Prolongs Product Lifespan

Quality for the Quantity

Proper tracking and monitoring can alleviate important concerns when it comes to refrigerated freight shipments. It is understandable that refrigerated freight is time-sensitive and vulnerable to spoiling, so successful delivery is possible only through acceptable conditions. 

Partnering with a 3PL allows you to gain access to more flexible spaces in refrigerated warehouses. 3PL companies take interest in technological advancements so that they can host a variety of products that require suitable conditions. Therefore, your products can be safely stored in the customizable settings of a 3PL facility. 

For example, temperature and humidity levels can play a significant role in how refrigerated products can result from their transportation. An established and trustworthy environment can be provided by a 3PL service so that there is no compromise of freshness or protection. Companies should feel secure that their products are maintained at the specified temperature to prevent product deterioration, moisture buildup, or food safety problems. Additionally, refrigerated shipping for perishables has allowed for supermarkets and restaurants to cater to customer demand and needs. Lastly, it allows for modern medicine to be possible. Just think of all the Coronavirus-19 Vaccines that were transported by the pharmaceutical companies to ensure temperature-controlled atmospheres. 

Logistics and Liability

If you manufacture your goods in Florida but most of your customers are in Arizona, it does not make much sense to store your products in Florida. Refrigerated freight shipping with a 3PL gives access to warehouses based in the Arizona region allowing easier access to deliver freight on time. 3PL warehouse workers are experienced in staying on top of industry standards for handling and guaranteeing the quality of your products. 3PL providers have the expertise to handle the operations of the supply chain that require a lot of care and attention.

In addition, your 3PL partnership would be sure to use up storage space only when required, saving you money overall. Demand can rise or decrease depending on the seasons or the nature of your business. With a 3PL overseeing your refrigerated warehousing needs, you can protect your budget by reducing the overhead expenses and using that money saved to expand into more markets. 

No matter if your product requires chilled, frozen, or someplace in between, Becker Logistics can manage meeting a precise pickup and delivery schedule to keep your company operating efficiently and products moving. If you are looking for a 3PL with a vast network in North America that has the capabilities of maintaining the customer-centric approach, contact the team at Becker Logistics today

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