How a 3PL Can Ensure a Successful Retail Supply Chain

A successful retail supply chain is more important than ever before due to the increasing competition in the retail market. The need to be efficient and have a smooth strategy can make or break your reputation. From customer experience to network promises, retail companies have a standard to fulfill. There is where a good third-party logistics, or 3PL, can be advantageous to you. You get to let go of some responsibility and focus on goals that are essential to your business. There are a number of benefits that a 3PL can offer for a retail supply chain. Here are three ways that a retail supply chain has the potential for success through a 3PL partnership.

Keeping Cost Low

You may wonder what it would be like to outsource your supply chain logistics to a third party in terms of cost. No one wants to spend more money on services that can be done in-house. But unfortunately, many retail companies do not have the supply chain management expertise the way 3PLs have. Although you are connecting with a 3PL, it will cost you less than managing your retail supply chain yourself. There are certain leverages that a 3PL has to offer when negotiating for you. Since there is a vast carrier network, the terms and conditions can be adjusted so that you receive a low shipping price in comparison to negotiating yourself. Because 3PLs can arrange warehouses for storage for you, you won’t have to invest in warehouses, which saves you even more money. It is overall less expensive to hand over logistics to the experts at a good 3PL.

Chain of Command

Additionally, there are several tasks assigned to retailers. There are processes that need to be managed and nothing must go wrong. There are outbound shipments to manage and keep data in check. When you partner with a 3PL, you are letting go of those cumbersome tasks. The supply chain processes can be up to date through updated technology and transportation management systems in place by 3PLs. You need to have a streamlined process in place for each situation to track shipments and keep your business running smoothly.

Graphic showing the pieces of the Retail Supply Chain

Flexible Supply Chain

Lastly, a good 3PL has flexibility which ensures a successful supply chain for retailers. Adjusting as per your business demand I something a 3PL can do more easily. You won’t have to worry about compromises or risks. You want your retail products to be delivered in a timely manner and have confidence in the end results. A 3PL can adapt to seasonal changes, timing conflicts, and any other issues that arise in transporting your goods. Flexibility only adds to your performance level and provides you with a leg up over your competition.

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